Self-assembling of Particles into
Longitudinal and Transverse

Porquerolles, France

October 8th - 11th, 2007

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September, 10th 2007

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The preliminary list of speakers and the titles of their talks will be continuously updated as they register on the website.

Speakers include

Philippe Courteille/ Sebastian Slama (Germany) Collective atomic recoil lasing and superradiance in ultracold atomic clouds
Matteo Cristiani (Spain) Cold ytterbium atoms in high-finesse optical cavities
Gabriele De Chiara (Spain) Low dimensional Wigner crystals of ions
Peter Domokos (Hungary) Collective excitations and instability of an optical lattice due to unbalanced pumping
Julien Javaloyes (Spain) Cold atoms in an electromagnetic field: Phase transitions, spontaneous ordering and instabilities
Robin Kaiser (France) Collective mechanical effects in MOTs with a large number of atoms: results and questions
Julian Klinner/Malik Lindholdt (Germany) Optical lattice in a high-Q ring cavity
Igor Mekhov (Austria) Quantum optics with quantum gases: Influence of ultracold atom statistics on light
JosÚ Tito Mendonša (Portugal) Collective processes in cold atom physics
Francesco Papoff (UK) Modelling micro particle interaction
Nicola Piovella (Italy) Quantum effects in collective atomic recoil lasing
Antonio Politi (Italy) CARL dynamics as a synchronization transition
Helmut Ritsch (Austria) Classical versus quantum aspects of selfordering of cold atoms in optical lattices
Gordon Robb (UK) Collective scattering of partially coherent light by cold atoms
Stefano Ruffo (Italy) Quasi-stationary states in mean-field dynamics
Juan Jose Saenz (Spain) Unusually strong optical interactions between particles in quasi-one-dimensional geometries
Philippe Verkerk/ Daniel Hennequin (France) Instabilities in the magneto-optical trap
Guenther Werth(Germany) Collective oscillations of ion clouds in Paul- and Penning traps

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